Saturday, August 09, 2008

More H for Harley

Back in April, my ABC-Along H was for Harley. In that post, I left a space for a picture that I had of her from when she was still feral, standing on my friend's porch, waiting for food to appear.

Last week, while looking for scanned family photos that weren't in iPhoto, I found that picture. Harley was probably about 18 months old when this was taken, and she came to live with me a month or so later, in November 2002.

Baby Harley

Look at how teeny she is! And look how long her tail looks. As the fuzzy picture below shows, it doesn't look so long anymore, although I suspect it's the same length -- the rest of Harley is just bigger now!


H is for Harley
"What? Yes, I guess I have put on a few pounds,
but what if that bowl of food in the kitchen disappeared?"


Chris said...

She has such a cute face! How could you resist? Such a skinny little girl!

Bezzie said...

I will say that feral cats (at least in my experience) do get a bit plump. I think you might be right--they know what it's like to go w/out gotta enjoy it like it was your last!

Such a cute little kitten!

Steven said...

I understand about the rest of Harley makes her tail look shorter. And that last picture -- she looks like she's channeling Salvador Dali!

jessie said...

Hey, my mom used to always compliment me on my "long neck" and whine about her necklessness.

Add 20 years and 20 pounds, and my neck has just about disappeared.

We can't stay kittens forever. :-)

Anonymous said...

She does have a cute face. Like my foundling pup who claims to be starving all the time...