Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slow Progress

Sorry - didn't mean to drop off the blog-planet for so long. First - thank you all for your kind thoughts about Vinnie. It's amazing how attached I got to him in just a year.

PIle o' Larkin

I've been knitting, but have no pictures to prove it. That's the same photo of Larkin that I showed you 6 weeks ago, but I do have progress.* I've reached the edging, which right now seems less boring than the lace, although I'm pretty sure I won't feel that way after a few evenings of "k2tog, k14, turn, k15, turn" and repeat, around and around!

However, since I had reached the edging, I decided I would let myself cast on for Myrtle, a cardigan by Larkin's designer, Snowden Becker. I cast on Saturday night. By the time I finished the bottom edging on Sunday evening, I suspected it might be too big. Monday evening, I had finished the first pattern repeat, so I kind of finger-blocked it and measured. Oh, yeah -- waaaay bigger than it was supposed to be! So I frogged it all. I will be casting on again, going down both a needle size and a sweater size. But for now, I think I'll work on that blanket some more. Blankets are always the right size!

* Despite the fact that I know that blanket knitting is not my thing, this is the third blanket I've knit in just over a year. I'm pretty sure this one will be the last for a while!


Kaye said...

Those rare blankets have been beautiful though!

Steven said...

You'll find the edging it kind of relaxing. It made for better TV knitting than the lace part, that's for sure. And since you're on a Snowden kick, I thought you might appreciate this article that appeared on the front page of today's Daily Texan!

Rebekah said...

I second Kaye, they have been beautiful. I always say I'll never knit another, and then I always do.

Helen said...

Myrtle is lovely.
Tempting even to me.... and I've gotten oh so picky about the sweaters I'll knit (despite the current silliness on my blog).

mrspao said...

They do get into your hearts so quickly. I hope you are feeling a little less sad now.