Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Back!

I really didn't mean to be gone nearly so long!  So here's a quick catch up:

I went with my Mom, brother, my almost-15-year-old niece and her almost-15-year-old friend for a few days in Memphis.  We always camp, but our planned campground had flooding issues, so we ended up at a KOA where the tent sites don't have electricity.  That won't do -- how would we all charge our phones? -- so we rented one of their "kabins."  It slept five and was air-conditioned, which was nice but just seemed weird.  I mean, a/c but no bathroom?  However, the bath- and shower-room was very close by, and the a/c drowned out the sound of the interstate, which was too close.

Here's what it looked like inside -- two sets of bunk beds, one with a double bed as the lower bunk and just enough room for our suitcases, etc.

 Memphis vacation: "kamping"

On the front, it had a nice little porch.  Out front, there was a fire pit and a picnic table, and a nice area to set up our camping kitchen, which Mom uses to cook pretty much whatever she would make at home.  However, we also had great barbecue at Corky's and hot fudge pie at Westy's.  And on the way down, we stopped at Lambert's, home of throwed rolls. We've seen their billboards for years and years and finally stopped.  And yes, they really do throw the rolls to you, which doesn't harm their yummy yeastiness at all.

While in Memphis we rode on a trolley,

 Memphis vacation: trolley

walked down Beale Street,

Memphis vacation

and spent a half day at the National Civil Rights Museum, which is housed in the Lorraine Motel, where MLK was assassinated.  From the outside, it still looks like a motel.  If you are ever in Memphis, you really need to visit this museum.
 Memphis vacation: National Civil Right Museum, at the Lorraine Motel

Some of us had a little nap on the way, too.

Memphis vacation

There's been knitting, too.  More on that in a day or so.


Steven said...

Cabin with "K". That's perfect. Rather than "roughing it," I'd say you were "roughing around the edges"!

rebekah said...

Looks like a fun trip, that is wird a/c and no potty. But looks like a nice place to sleep regardless.

Chris said...

That's my kind of camping!

linda-the-sister said...

I'm absolutely an air-conditioned "kabin kamper" - I can deal with the potty/showers being a short walk away, but I want my a/c, baby!

I LOVE the snoozy picture of Sarah - it's so Sarah! :)

Mary Lou said...

I've always thought kamping in a kabin amusing. I've never stayed at KOA, but AC in Memphis in July? Worth it. And I assumed a 'throwed roll' was rather like a dropped biscuit. Guess I was wrong.

mrspao said...

Now I'd be up for camping if it was like what you did!!