Monday, March 12, 2012

A Couple FOs

I spent the last week at my mom's. She's doing really great and I could see her doing better and better daily. I knew she was feeling better on Friday, when I found her in the kitchen, mixing up a batch of cookies. No big deal, she said -- they're bar cookies! Today, she started cardiac rehab and also got to start driving again, so that really makes things more normal for her.

Being at Mom's gave me time to knit a couple small, much-needed projects.

First, Thor got his sweater.  Here he's sitting on my mom's lap -- much to my niece's chagrin, Mom is his very favorite person!

It's a little big. I think I may have to make him another one in a non-acrylic yarn that keeps its shape better. The patter is Little Penny and the yarn is Caron Simply Soft. I adapted the pattern to better fit Thor's neck, shoulders, and chest which are all just about the same size. The shawl-style collar helped with that. I also trimmed the leg holes with a couple rows of single crochet in navy blue. Details here.

And after washing a few dishes, I realized that Mom desperately needed new dishcloths.  She likes the Ballband Dishcloths I've made for her, but hers are in tatters, so I whipped out a new one Friday evening/Saturday morning.

Ballband Dishcloth

Details here.

And -- the stealth project is blocking right now!!


Kaye said...

I was wondering who the pup was when I saw your sweater on FB--too cute! Glad to hear your mom's on the up and up.

Chris said...

So glad to hear how well your mom is doing! Like that dishcloth. :)

Steven said...

You mom is lucky to have you helping her out and bestowing her with knitted goodness. Thor's pretty lucky, too. Glad your mom is doing better.

Jake W said...

Very cute!