Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 2: Mascot Project

For Day 2, Eskimimi wants us to select a project that "embodies that house/animal."  Although she suggests that we might blog about "the journey" to select this pattern, but frankly, since I am of the House of Bee and have already knit not one, but TWO bee-themed projects, I will cheat and talk about those!

The first was the Honeybee Stole, by the incomparable Anne Hanson, which I finished in February 2008. I made this stole for my (very) tall sister.  It was supposed to be 7 feet long, but, lightly blocked, mine turned out to be 11 feet long.  This was the project that made me admit that I have a problem with loose knitting!  I don't have a decent picture of it, but you can see some of the bee patterns here.


My other bee-based project was more recent.  I made the Buzzy Bee Baby Blanket for a friend of mine last summer.  Frankly, it was adorable.


Because I had made it from KnitPicks Swish Worsted, I threw it in the washer and dryer.  Unfortunately, one bee tried to "escape" or, maybe, commit suicide.


See the crochet hook and markers there -- I was trying to fix it!  I finally gave up and just sort of re-knit all the stitches, making this bee look like he had lost a wing.  The blanket was still pretty dang cute!

I have another bee-themed pattern (and the yarn for it) in my queue.  The Bee Fields triangle shawl has been in line since 2007.  I even purchased the suggested yarn -- Wooly Wonka Merino laceweight in Buckwheat Honey.  This is a very "not me" color, but seemed so perfect for the project.  I'm thinking this needs to move up a ways in my queue....


Mary Lou said...

We give my sister bee-themed gifts (long story) maybe I should make her a lap robe of the baby blankie!

Steven said...

I'm thinking that Bee Fields is a variation of the Honey Baby blanket that I made last year. I love Anne Hanson patterns -- I was working on it while we were in Lubbock. You'll love making this -- it's fun. And it will look great.