Sunday, June 04, 2006

Random Sunday

Any day can be random, right? Knitting has been done, but it's not worth showing. The laptop sleeve is one giant, brightly-striped flat thing, the gift can't be shown, and I'm ignoring Seraphim while I try to get the other two finished.

  • I keep forgetting to tell you about a funny knitting-related encounter at the conference last week. I was working on the leg portion of the second sock, so all I had was a multi-colored tube. The acquaintance on my left apparently gave a look to the friend on my right, who said, "It's a sock!" The woman on my left said, "OH! A sock!! You know how my mind works...." Hmmm.... well, I didn't realize that woolen items were ever worn on the appendage she had in mind (this not withstanding) but I guess if they were, the sock would be fairly impressive, if you know what I mean.
  • I still have not seen anyone in the kitty tube; however, when I got home Friday, it was in a totally different place in the living room and the purple catnip mouse I had placed in it was gone, so something's going on.
  • Did I mention that I got the insurance money for the storm damage? Now I just need to find someone who can dispose of a dented-up metal shed for me..... I'm not replacing the shed, but instead am going to use the money to do something about the state of the back yard, which was pretty sad before but is even worse now (a shed lying in random places in the yard doesn't help the lawn's health). My brother's going to help me (or, more accurately, I'll help my brother) build a new patio cover next time he visits. That was going to be around August 1, but he's just started a new job, so the visit may be delayed.

Gotta go - I need to replace the flapper in the toilet (or, as we say here in Texas, the commode) in the guest bathroom, then it's off to Sunday afternoon knitting group....

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