Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big News of the Non-Knitting Sort

But first -- I couldn't resist winding up the oddly-named LLSS Yellowstone (although notice how much more yellow that skein has than mine) and I think it's even prettier as a yarn cake that in was in the skein.

LLSS Yellowstone

I'm pretty sure that this yarn wants to a pair of Embossed Leaves Socks. In fact, there seems to be one already cast on! (My Black Purl socks are almost done -- I'm about to pick up the gusset stitches on the second one. Unfortunately, I left it at work this evening.)

And in case you wondered -- knitting on the back of Arwen continues....

Oh -- the Big News! Well -- I'm moving! To Iowa! After almost 23 years in San Antonio (almost all of my adult life), I'm going back to the Midwest. In a couple months, I'll be working at the Hardin Library at the University of Iowa. (Did you know a big river runs right through the middle of the Iowa campus?) I'm going up in a couple weeks to find a place to live. And yarn shops. So -- if you know anything about knitting or LYSes in the Iowa City area, please comment!

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