Sunday, March 18, 2007


Growing up in a little farming town in central Illinois, ladybugs were a standard component of summertime, along with lightning bugs and mosquitos. Here in south Texas, you occasionally see ladybugs, but not as commonly, unless you're in my kitchen.

There, you'll see them:

Above the windows (along with bumblebees and dragonflies)

On the opposite wall (this would be the boy ladybug, who refused to ask for directions)

In the flower pot on the kitchen table, and on the window sill in the background

And under the flower pot

Recently, some new ladybugs have come into my house, for non-kitchen-related use.

This little guy, a gift from my mom's friend Ray, sharpens pencils

And these hold my DPNs!

These great DPN protectors are from Three Owls Knitting. She's got all sort of cute designs for $8 to $10 for a set of two! Plus, she tweaked these for me to fit the 6" needles I usually use. You know you need some!

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