Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cats and Yarn

As Helen mentioned, doing short rows in a sweater is no more difficult than doing short rows in a sock. However, you really should do them in the right location!

On about row 7 of the short rows, I looked more closely at what I was doing and realized that, although the first two short rows were in the correct location, near the top of the sleeve, the rest were in the collar bone area of the sweater! Ah, yes -- "slip marker, k14..." If you're using more markers than the pattern calls for (and I always do), you have to make sure you're referring to the same marker!

So Friday evening I ripped back, and am now at approximately the same point I was the last time you heard from me. The difference, though, is that I now have more confidence in my short row abilities. I'm just thinking of the experience as practice...

I sat on the couch next to Dolly while frogging and when I looked over, I saw this

the frogging game, part 1the frogging game, part 2

Can't we play more, lady?

I decided to take advantage of this new-found kitty yarn love to show you the two skeins of Jojoland Harmony that I got in a trade with a friend. The yarn shades from a raspberry-rosy pink to green and back again.

yarn sniffing

I realize this will sound like a travesty to some of you, but I traded her a pair of Addis for the yarn. I don't particularly like metal needles and Addis aren't pointy enough for me. My friend likes them a lot, though, but isn't a lace knitter. So now we're both happy!

Meanwhile, Harley was performing "kitty ballet."

kitty ballet


Anonymous said...

I'd have traded the yarn for the needles too. Yummmy yarn...
unless they're addi lace --- blunt needles. bleh

Chris said...

Oh, those pictures of Dolly are SO CUTE!

Well, at least your Addis went for pretty yarn... ;)

Bezzie said...

Dude, are you sure Dolly isn't licking that yarn instead of huffing? I swear I see a little pink tongue there--or is that the yarn???

Regardless the yarn, and the kitties are quite sweet. Hee hee, sorry about the short rows.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Felix and I were talking yesterday about Schuster doing "kitty ballet". Too funny!

I can't believe how much Dolly resembles Charlotte. Her eyes are different - they more sort of limpid - but the texture of her fur looks really similar, and of course her coloring. I can't wait to meet her in June!

Amysatx said...

Ahhhhh...short rows I've done a project or 2 with them myself! Good luck on Round 2. Gorgeous yarn!
How are the temps these days??!!

Michelle said...

The kitty pics are so sweet.

As much as I dig Addis, I don't think I could have resisted the JoJoland. I'm quite fond of the Harmony colorways and have 2 balls waiting to become socks.

Enid said...

cute kitty!! She really sweet looking.
I love the yarn. I agree with Michelle, I don't think I could have resisted that JoJoland. Good Choice.