Monday, March 24, 2008

A minor miracle

So this evening when I came home, I sat down on the couch with Dolly, like I do every evening. I always leave some room on the other side, just in case Harley wants to sit next to me, too. This evening, she finally did it -- she jumped up beside me for a few minutes!

After dinner, I sat down in my chair next to the couch, and witnessed this:

truce, part 1

Yes, Harley jumped on the couch, next to Dolly! Dolly hissed a bit, but Harley stood (or sat) her ground. I think Harley has decided she's in charge. After a couple minutes, she got down.

And a little later:

truce, part 2

She got up there again! And once more, Dolly hissed a bit and Harley ignored it. Obviously, Harley's not confident enough to just curl up and go to sleep with Dolly right there, but I think this is a real step in the right direction. I've thought for a while that part of the problem is that, although both cats have lived in multi-cat households, neither has been the dominant cat before. Someone had to make that move, and Harley finally decided it should be her. Yay!!!

Not to change the subject, but did I show you this yarn from Amanda's shop?

Lone Star Arts Island Paradise sock yarn
Lone Star Arts Island Paradise sock yarn

Lone Star Arts Cherry Pie laceweight
Lone Star Arts Cherry Pie laceweight

So pretty!


sophanne said...

Way to go Harley!

Chris said...

Go, Harley!! Woot woot!

Bezzie said...

Oh good lord, it's happening at your house too!

Anonymous said...

Love it when the cats finally work things out!
My dd's keep urging me to add one more to our house. Personally, I think DH (mildly allergic) would plotz. But I really don't want to watch the pecking order sort when you add a third to the mix!

Enid said...

they will warm up to each other soon. :D

i love the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty. I am glad to see Harley be assertive.

Anonymous said...

Now that is progress with the kitties! Who knoes maybe in six months they'll actually like each other.