Saturday, October 04, 2008


For some reason, as I sat here watching the Illinois-Michigan game (Oskee-wow-wow!) and frantically working on my Red Scarf, I decided to visit their site, to make sure I was right in thinking the scarf needed to be mailed by October 15. And -- hallelujah! -- I was wrong! I have until October 31!

Over th last two weeks, work has infringed a lot on my personal time, including time actually at work last Saturday and tomorrow. Plus, I will be gone to back-to-back conferences from October 10-20. Well, I'll be back for about 36 hours around October 16, but that's just enough time to do laundry! So I thought I really needed to get this scarf done, including washing and blocking, by Friday, and I just didn't see how it would happen.

Now, I'm still aiming to have the knitting done, or very nearly so, by Friday, but I won't have to wash, block, and mail until after I'm back from my travels to Dallas, Texas and Troy, Michigan.

(And hopefully, there will be pictures tomorrow....)


Bezzie said...

Now don't get cocky! ;-) (That's what I tell hub when he's watching his football games and they're ahead.) But an extra nearly 2 weeks should be good.

Chris said...

Sounds like a crazy month!

Steven said...

Yay! I had my scarf finished at the beginning of September, but for some reason I haven't been able to get it in the mail! I'm glad to know I've got a bit more time. There are just too many places in this process where everything can break down!