Friday, December 26, 2008

The Knitter's Lament

Alas and alack, The Knitter finds herself without knitting. She was sure that three projects would be enough, but neglected to realize that she would run out of beads for Daedelus. The Knitter sighs....

Yeah, that would be me. On vacation with no knitting. It's not like I haven't knitted -- I finished two projected between last Saturday and yesterday, but when I picked up Daedelus, I realized that I only had enough beads left for one more row. I need, oh, probably a couple hundred more! When I get back to Iowa City Sunday afternoon, I'll stop by the bead store, I guess.

Like I said, I have finished two projects. I finished the Golightly Gloves (Ravelry) that coordinate with the Toto (Rav) for my sister. When my sister and I lived together, she wouldn't even look at a sink full of dishes without rubber gloves, so I thought these rubber-gloves-with-cuffs were perfect for her!

Christmas 2008

As you can probably guess, I made these from Sugar'n Cream, on size 7 DPNs. If I were to knit these again, I'd go down a needle size, but really -- these are basically disposable, so perfection isn't necessary, although cuteness is!

I also frogged and reknit my Dolores Park Cowl, using the same yummy yarn (which Dream in Color has renamed Softy -- apparently, they thought that people were turned off by the name Fatty. Whatever you call it, it's lovely yarn!) but with 60 stitches in size 11 needles. It's much cozier now. It's also less drapey, and somewhat less attractive, I think, but it will be better at keeping the wind from wooshing down my collar!

Perhaps I can stop by Michael's tomorrow morning to buy some cheap needles. I've got yarn left over from the gloves that I could use for a matching warshrag....


Bezzie said...

Those gloves are hilarious!!!

Chris said...

The gloves are great!

Alas about the lack of knitting. :( I have plenty of knitting, but haven't felt well enough to knit. Blech.

Anonymous said...

The lovely rubber gloves are fabulous, and have actually motivated me to start taking better care of my nails again.

Thank you, knitterly sister!

Anonymous said...

I used my fancy pants rubber gloves - they are AWESOME! No grody drips down the gloves at all.

And my nails look good!