Thursday, April 30, 2009


I stole this meme from Helen (get well soon, Helen!). You google the phrase "Unfortunately, {name}," with your name inserted, then post the first 15 hits. I'm giving you 16, because #16 was interesting. And I'm also giving you a bit of commentary on each. None of these Jannas are actually me, so there must be more of us out there than I thought!

Unfortunately, Janna Callan and Jemma Konuralp at British Swimming have informed Barnet Copthall that all links to UptheBeavers, and even mentions of its name, must be removed from the main club’s website. (Oooh! Drama in hit #1 - but, really -- UptheBeavers?)

Unfortunately Janna has been plagued with IT issues and currently is not able to access her telephone. (This is actually the same Janna as in #1.)

Unfortunately, Janna was not one of them. (From the rest of this blog post, I gather that this Janna is a total incompetent.)

Unfortunately Janna hurt her ankle right before the event started... she made the best of the situation by doing press and behind the scenes work for the event. (This one’s a snowboarder!)

Unfortunately Janna, who was at best nervous about diving though willing to try, had a rough go on our first dive. (Another athletic Janna!)

Unfortunately, Janna lost her balance on the last log and failed to snatch the flag. (This one is involved in what appears to be Argentina’s version of Fear Factor.)

Unfortunately, Janna was the lucky winner today. (This is an excerpt from a book called Janna’s Werewolf. I was unaware that I had a werewolf.)

Unfortunately, janna has almost no dancing ability. (This could describe me, but it's not me.)

UNFORTUNATELY, Janna and George and their family stayed behind, but FORTUNATELY, Janna said she would rather keep track of her kids at the park than at the mall. (This is from a very long blog post, with the words “unfortunately” and “fortunately” in every sentence. I didn’t read the whole thing.)

…unfortunately Janna said that she fears her skills aren’t up to doing justice to it. (This Janna’s an insecure artist.)

Unfortunately, Janna was again denied by her clogged ears and had to postpone. (This is the same Janna who was nervous about diving.)

Unfortunately, Janna Goodrich almost completely forgot the help-the-poor talking points in this article (vie Coyote), and revealed her conflicted feelings in her hurt-the-rich efforts. (From a Libertarian blog. Again, not me.)

Unfortunately, Janna was out sick. (And because she was sick, she missed a poetry slam.)

Unfortunately, Janna had never learned to read the old language. (From a Buffy fanfiction site.)

Unfortunately… Janna rolled the eyes. (This is, I think, also from some kind of fanfiction, but most of the page was in Polish, so I’m not sure.)

So there you go -- it appears that many Jannas are athletic, which is definitely not me!


Chris said...

Ok, that was one of the more interesting memes I've seen!

Linda the Sister said...

The Janna with the rolling eyes could be you! ;)

And I had NO IDEA you had a werewolf. How are the catties liking that???

Steven said...
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Steven said...

Athletes sure have a tough time out there in internet land: "Unfortunately Steven was forced to miss the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea due to a persistent groin injury."

So true. Otherwise I'm sure I would have been the next Pele.

This was great. Thanks for sharing!

sophanne said...

I am SO doing this!