Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 CPs Down, 2 To Go

I've got three Christmas projects done (for my niece, my mother, and my brother-in-law) and two to go. Those two have both been started. My brother's will be from this yarn:

Cascade 220

Not the best picture -- the green is a little more subdued, as is the red. And there's only a small amount of red in this project.

My sister's gift has been started, too, but I'm definitely not showing it here!

My grey Red Scarf is about half finished, but Norma has given us a deadline extension. I think it will be done by Christmas, but I'm now concentrating on the stuff that really needs to get done by then!

I've been pretty good over the last several months when it comes to unnecessary stash enhancement, but last weekend I was in Champaign, Illinois, and forced Helen to visit Needleworks with me. (Although she was the one who told me they were having a 15% off sale....) My favorite thing about Needleworks is that it carries Lorna's Laces. I have three great LYSes here, but none carries Lorna's.

I came home with two skeins of LL Shepherd's Sock in Manzanita

LL SS Manzanita

as well as a pair of skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino (which is really more fingering weight) in the evocatively-named colorway 119.

Ella Rae Lace Merino

In addition to visiting with Helen, I also attended a football game on Saturday. If you follow Big Ten football, you know that my alma mater, the University of Illinois, wasn't so great this year. I have a friend who has season tickets and, frankly, couldn't find anyone who wanted to go to the last game of the year, on December 5, against non-conference Fresno State (and that's saying something, since his father actually lives in Champaign!).

I hadn't been to a game for probably 20 years, and the stadium was renovated last year, so I was happy to use that ticket.

This is halftime.

Hail to the Orange...
Those ROTC guys hugging each other are actually doing the traditional sway to the Alma Mater.

Looks beautiful, doesn't it? It was about 28 degrees and we were in the shade for most of the game. It was COLD, but we didn't leave -- Illinois ended up losing 53-52 at the last second. We just couldn't leave - and it was the highest scoring game ever played in Memorial Stadium!

Oskee Wow Wow
Even my handknit orange-and-blue socks and my Illini earrings couldn't help them win the game.

Of course, it wasn't as cold as it is in Iowa City today!

Blizzard of '09 from my front door


Chris said...

Oh, that 119 is pretty stuff. But yeah, you need to give it a better name.

Brrr! It's finally hit +4F here today! Woot!

Rebekah said...

My niece hasn't had school in 3 days - she's a senior down the road in Marengo - I just LOVE Iowa winters when you get a blizzard. :-)

Kaye said...

Hee hee, my college team blew this season too. Ah well. There's always next year. I remember those socks!!
And I'm uber jealous of your snow!!!

linda the sister said...

I promise I'll act surprised at Christmas!!!

Kaye...jealous of snow? Seriously? Don't you know that snow comes with a lot of miserably cold weather, and that you have to go out and shovel it off your car? Snow is nothing to be jealous of!

linda the sister said...

Oh! We have two young Illinois alum in our Sunday School class. We've chanted ILL-INI! And we've sung the Alma Mater. And they're impressed that I know all the songs even though I didn't go there. I told them my sister taught them all to me when I was a young impressionable child. :)