Monday, December 21, 2009


I had a post all written about how I spent today worried about Vinnie and Dolly, because they both seemed a little under the weather, but then I decided you might not really want to hear about it -- especially since Laurie wrote a similar, and much better, post today.

So let me just say that everyone is fine this evening, and wondering why I was worried.

Dolly says, "It was just a little hairball - and I'm always grouchy in the morning.

Harley says, "I spent the day licking Dolly's head. I'm sure that's what made her well."

Vinnie says, "I don't know about head licking, but that mineral oil stuff you gave me yesterday seems to have done the trick! Also, I just licked the powdered sugar off the cookie you left laying on the coffee table."


Chris said...

Oh, that was a lovely post by Laurie - thanks for the link!

And I'm glad your babies are well. Even if Vinnie is terribly wicked. :)

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, they're like real babies--everything goes into their mouths!

Michelle said...


linda the sister said...

SO cute!

It's cedar season down here so my two are snuffly and snorting. Simon is sneezing (usually directly into my face) and sweet Schuster is a little wheezy. Poor babies.

Steven said...

Mmmm....powdered sugar! So nice to read this post about well-behaved kitties. I spent the past few days being hissed and swatted at by my in-law's hateful feline.

Nanette said...

I think they are all adorable specimens of feline-osity!