Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The first surprise of the week is that the orange baby hat turned into the ugliest thing I've ever seen. You know how sometimes you're knitting along and think, "Is this right?" but then you reassure yourself that it will be just fine when it's finished and blocked? And it almost always is? Yeah, well, not so much with the orange baby hat. It's my fault - I used a thinner yarn, and didn't go down enough in needle size. So it was frogged. And the baby who was getting hat is now getting a baby-sized Mitred Square Blanket, from M-D Knitting.

The second surprise is that I walked into my kitchen yesterday morning and stepped into water. Yes, some sort of leaky pipe. Leaky pipes are really interesting in Texas, where most homes are built on a concrete slab and most of the pipes are in the slab. Luckily, I have a home warranty, which should cover most of this repair, if the plumber ever actually shows up.

The third surprise is better -- the Knitty Surprise is up! And look -- there's a reversible cable scarf. Actually, there are two versions of it. It's totally different from the one I knit for the Red Scarf Project, but I like it a lot. Next time I need to knit a scarf......

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