Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter in San Antonio

Winter in San Antonio usually means 60º days. It will get down to freezing a couple of nights during the average winter, and these nights will be considered to be very, very cold. We are much better equipped to deal with strings of 100º days than freezing nights.

If it weren't sleeting outside right now, I'd take a picture of my barbecue grill, with its cover encased in ice and icicles hanging from the edges. Instead, here are the icicles that have formed on the edge of the overhang near my patio.


Yesterday's high was 37º at about 1:00 a.m. It dipped down to 32º around 6:00 p.m. last night and got down into the high 20s. It's been raining/sleeting most of that time. No snow, thought. The high temperature today is predicted to be 33º, and it's supposed to continue raining/sleeting through tomorrow morning. Three days in a row with weather like this! Unheard of!

San Antonio is pretty much shut down. They ran "Arctic Blast" news until 10:00 this morning. We didn't even get the Today show! We did, however, hear about how, if you must go out, you can scrape your windshield with a credit card. Oh, and you should probably wear a hat. (What can I say? It doesn't get cold here!)

I guess it is good knitting weather, though. And some of you may recall that there was a contest that ended last night. Simon and I will be working on drawing winners' names later today. Right now, he's busy.

busy Simon

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