Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Checking In

Still in San Antonio, still packing up. Tomorrow they come to pack my "fragiles," of which I have many. Thursday it all goes on the moving truck, and by Sunday evening, Harley and I will be in Iowa City, in a townhouse empty of anything except a blow-up mattress, a Fighting Illini lawn chair, and a litter box.

Speaking of Harley -- I took her to the vet this afternoon, to be boarded until we leave town Saturday morning. It will be traumatic for her, but not as traumatic as all the strangers in the house taking our stuff away would be!

There have been many trips to Goodwill. I gave away half my clothes and about three-quarters of my shoes. And this:
ca. 1985 microwave

That's a ca. 1985 microwave, from Montgomery Wards, a store that no longer exists. It's huge and weighs a ton, and I decided that maybe I had actually gotten my money's worth from it -- it cost $350! I think I'll be replacing it with this one.

There's been little knitting done.... Sunday was my last Stitch'n'Bitch :-(

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