Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello! Remember me?

Sorry for the delay between posts -- this week has been very, very busy, with not much time for knitting or blogging.

I'm still getting stuff in the mail, though! Here's a Mirror Yarn Ball from Bezzie's cleverly named Etsy shop, Random Meanderthings. It is now hanging from my rear view mirror, but I keep forgetting to take a picture of it.

Mirror Yarn Ball

And remember my box of goodies from KnitPicks? Well, they sent it to me twice! After the first thought of "Did they charge me twice?" and the second of "If they didn't, I'll give away the Harmony needle set in a contest!", I called them, and they sent me a return label to send it all back for free. Oh, well -- y'all missed a good contest! ;-)

For those of you who asked about the Harmony needles, I have to say I love them -- they're smooth without being slick and pointy without being painful. The join is great and I've no problems with the needle and cord disconnecting. They are also absolutely beautiful! If you like wood needles, I highly recommend these.

And now, I need to go work on my Red Scarf scarf -- I need to get it done!


Amysatx said...

Your purchase made me go check Bezzie's Etsy store and buy two bmirror balls of my own. I had been waiting for a purple one and sure enough there was one! When are you coming to visit S.A. again?! We miss you!!

Chris said...

Alas about the contest! :) Ah well. That yarn ball is cute and clever!

Bezzie said...

You're so honest!!! Weird that they sent you two sets!!!

Glad you like your ball! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Janna,
Thanks for the comment. How are you adjusting to Iowa? Have any cute quick patterns to recommend? I'm thinking fingerless mittens.