Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did you hear the one about the goat?

Sunday evening I was driving from my mom's house back to Iowa City. Instead of taking I-74 through Peoria, I decided to take 474 through it (why? I don't know. It's not like Sunday evening traffic is heavy!) Just before I got to the Illinois River, I came up behind a pick-up truck. I could see a guy sitting in the back, leaning against the cab. And then I saw something standing next to him. I figured it was a big dog. But as I got next to the truck, I realized it was a goat, complete with horns! He was standing right next to the guy (who was probably in his 20s) and staring him in the face, like he was trying to say, "Hey! I'm a goat! I don't like this!" I laughed out loud, and the guy saw me. He smiled and waved, then patted the goat on the head. It was so funny -- I considered slowing down so I could pull out my camera and take a picture, but decided that would be embarrassing. But it was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while!

Speaking of cameras -- I decided my little red camera needed a sock of some sort to protect it in my purse, so I made it one. This has to be the fastest thing I've ever knit.

Camera Case

Yarn: Jojoland Cashmere (leftover from my sister's fingerless mitts)
Needles: Size 1 rosewood DPNs Patterns: I made this up as I went. I started with 9 rounds of stockinette over 56 stitches. In the 5th row, I made eyelets by knitting two together, then doing double yarnovers. I dropped the first yarnover in the next row, to make the eyelets larger.

I then used the pattern from the Whitewater mitts in the October 2006 Magknits to do the lace. I think I did 3 repeats. I finished up with 5 or 6 rounds of stockinette, then I did a three needle bind-off.

I made a length of i-cord to run through those double yarnover eyelets, but decided it was too high up, so I ended up using the first row of "lace holes" for the i-cord, instead.

I worked on these while waiting for the parade on Saturday. It was Riverfest in Riverton, Illinois, and members of my mom's church marched -- they were a "Drill Team." Can you see the drills?

"Drill Team"

And considering that I had staked out a space for me and my knitting all by myself, without any kids within at least a half block, I made out pretty well with the tossed candy. I didn't bring a bag for it, so it had to share with my knitting.

parade candy, with yarn

Does anyone else remember parades where they tossed more than candy? I can remember running to catch pencils, fly swatters, and, my favorite, yard sticks!


Anonymous said...

I knew it was Riverfest - how fun that you got to go! I've been once, and that was in 2003, while Mom was recovering from open heart surgery. I'm sure you guys had more fun this year!

I love parade candy, and yes, the yard sticks were my favorite. Although really, pencils could've been dangerous too!

("Drill team"...har har!)

Chris said...

I think the drill team might be even funnier than the goat! :) I wonder how many people were injured by flying yardsticks in the past?!

Anonymous said...

I love the goat story! You sure you aren't in Georgia somewhere?

Anonymous said...

*laugh* @ the goat.

People used to toss flyswatters in parades? Where are you from? heheh

Bezzie said...

Yard sticks? sounds like someone lost an eye and that was the end of that tradition!!!

Nice camera case--I thought that yarn looked familiar!

Amysatx said...

Love the "drill team!" ahhhh life in the midwest--flying yardsticks and flyswatters! Up in MN I think we just stuck to candy. I'm looking forward to Fall foliage pics!!

Marguerite said...

Doggy school usually marches in the Kalamazoo Doo-Dah parade every spring and they won't let us toss anything.

It's not just the tossing that's dangerous, it's also the people/kids running out into the road to pick up the loot.

Too bad. I could use a new yardstick. And this time of year we can never have too many flyswatters.