Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random Saturday

This morning, while I was having my hair cut and colored, my stylist, Jodie, pulled out her camera to show me some pictures of her daughter. Her daughter is cute, but I loved the camera, a little Nikon Coolpix. I came home, did a little research, and off I went to Best Buy. I had a $10 gift card, so obviously, I needed to spend it!

I came home with this. (ETA: link to specs)

new camera

Isn't it cute? It's very small and very flat, not to mention very red! When I bought my Canon PowerShot A620 last fall, I considered something smaller, so I could carry it in my purse. I convinced myself I didn't need to do that -- and I've regretted that decision.

So now I own two digital cameras. This means I won't be upgrading my iPod! But hopefully it means that I'll actually have more pictures of day-to-day stuff.


It's been a shopping kind of day. Did you see these? I seriously considered buying a set of Options, because the cord on my Denises frequently seems to fat for the needles. However, I don't really like metal needles (not even Addis -- really!) and decided that the Options weren't the best solution. But these beautiful wood needles seem perfect. I ordered a set, along with an extra 40" cord. While I was at it, I ordered 4 skeins of Swish Superwash in Fired Brick, for my Red Scarf. Red Scarves are due by October 15 this year, so I need to get knitting.


Speaking of knitting, I've finally finished one Illini sock and started the second. And here's the reality: straight stockinette bores me to tears, unless I'm doing something else very interesting at the same time. And I mean, more interesting than your standard television. Also, I'm still not crazy about toe-up socks. As much as kitchenering frightens me, I find starting toe up just annoying. I think I'd rather be frightened than annoyed!


This is my first home game weekend since moving to Iowa City. The game doesn't begin until 7:00 p.m., but when I was out at 8:30 this morning, there were already impromptu parking lots set up, and lots of people wandering around in gold and black. Last time I lived in a college town, I was in college, or fresh out. I lived within walking distance of the stadium. I don't think I ever thought about the traffic jams, parking problems, and other realities of Big Ten football! And speaking of the Big Ten -- since my cable company doesn't think we want the Big Ten Network, I won't be able to see either the Iowa or the Illinois game. (Minor rant: The Big Ten wants cable companies to carry the network on expanded basic cable. The cable company says that many of their customers wouldn't watch it. But really -- there are plenty of channels on my expanded basic I never watch. Why not give us this one, too? Oh -- it's because they want to include it in a sports package and make us pay extra!!! Of course!)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you found a hair person! Do you like her? Is the salon cute?

sophanne said...

Just what I needed- another needle set to spark my interest- yikes! I clicked away from the site before I looked at the price. I'll just pretend they're too expensive for a while.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've seen those needles. Aren't they great? I'll be buying them but since I already have the metal ones -- which I love dearly but sometimes you just need wood -- I'm trying to decide whether to just buy the tips (they fit the same cables as I already have) or to buy the set.

Courtney said...

That camera is super cute. Does it come in other colors? I also saw those KP needles. They're really pretty and I kind of want them, but I've recently accepted that I prefer metal needles.

Kim said...

I am really interested in the KP Harmony needles. I hate the metal Addis too but I love the metal Options! I recently went back to use a Denise (which I used to love) and the cord drove me insane!

Bezzie said...

Oh how I *don't* miss navigating around town during a Big 10 game! Ha ha!

That's a great camera. My niece had that same one when she visited us. It takes GREAT close up pics and if you drop it in Central Park and break it--they'll replace it for free!

Chris said...

Sweet camera!!

Ok, the way I start toe-up socks isn't annoying - it's really easy. Check out the link in my sidebar sometime.

Anonymous said...

I've had a Coolpix for a while and I really like it a lot.

The Harmony needles look realy nice! I've really liked my Options needles for far. They are nice and pointy!

Marguerite said...

Those Harmony needles look like just what I need. Well, actually I don't need them, but I sure do want them.

I have the metal Options and like them alot.

Be sure and let us know how you like them once you've had a chance to knit with them.

Anonymous said...

More needles for me to lust after - just what I need :-) I am looking forward to finding out what you think of them.

I love your new little red camera! I bought a teeny tiny camera last year (it's about the same size as your new one) that I keep in my purse - I LOVE IT!