Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today's Excitement

ETA in case you were wondering: the spa-like atmosphere in the library restrooms only lasted that one day. Too bad -- I liked having someplace warm at work!

Also, my friend Steve in Austin (who went to the yarn shop in College Station with me) has started a knitblog. Go visit!

So, this afternoon I picked up new-knitter Jody and we headed over to Yarnivore, in order to begin development of her stash (she didn't know this, of course). However, before we got there, this happened:

bumper 11/18/06

No, it's not that something nibbled on my bumper sticker. If you look closely, you'll see that my bumper is sort of scratched up and there's a section in the center (right under the bumper sticker) that appears to be sagging.

I got rear-ended. We were just sitting there, trapped behind a bus at a bus stop (San Antonio peeps: it was in front of the HEB at Wurzbach and I-10. You know -- where there's ALWAYS a bus stopped and the street's too busy to pull around it.) There was a car between the bus and me. It managed to pull out around the bus and I pulled forward a few feet. I looked in my rear view mirror, to see if there's was a gap in traffic, and instead I saw a car hitting me!!!! It happened so fast that I didn't even have a chance to move my foot off the clutch. Luckily, I was far enough back that I didn't hit the bus.

Jody and I were both okay and by then the bus had left, so I pulled up and into the HEB parking lot and the other car followed me. I called the police, and, to make a long story somewhat shorter, the other driver claimed that another car hit her from behind, causing her to hit me. That car drove off. Now, she didn't have a single scratch on her back bumper, but her hood, which had rammed into my bumper, wouldn't close. I don't think there was another car, but I couldn't say that with certainty. And, of course, none of the dozens of people who must have witnessed the accident stuck around. She didn't get a ticket (although the law in Texas is that if you rear-end someone, it's your fault, no matter the circumstances), but that's really okay. She seemed pretty down-and-out, and at least she had insurance. She also had what appeared to be half her belongings in the back seat, and a baby (who was very happy throughout it all) in a carseat in the front seat.

After she and the baby left (her car was drivable, although I'm afraid her hood would fly up at more than about 35 mph!), the policeman who responded asked me if I had seen that third car. I said no, and pointed out the lack of scratches on her bumper. He agreed and said it would mention that when he wrote it up.

This whole incident took about 45 minutes, after which Jody and I proceeded to the yarn store. I mean, I can call my insurance company any time! I bought the needles I needed and some wool wash, and Jody bought yarn for a scarf, another pair of needles, and bought a book, which might be this one, although I'm not sure about that.

Speaking of knitting, my camera was returned from the repair shop and seems to be working fine. I found these pictures on the memory card: the flared lace smoke ring and a close-up of the stitch pattern from my feather and fan scarf. Aren't they pretty?

flared lace smoke ringfeather and fan stitch pattern

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