Sunday, February 11, 2007

By Popular Request....

People keep asking about the ugly orange baby hat. How could a BABY HAT be ugly? Really, it's floppy and, because my needles were too big, has some holes. But -- if you insist:

Baby Not-so-cuteness

You really can't see the worst of the holes, up in the decreases. Take my word for it.....

So much for unsuccessful baby knitting (that baby, my cousin's, is now getting a Mason-Dixon Mitred Square baby blanket -- hopefully before his first birthday!)..... here's some successful baby knitting, a baby kimono, also from Mason-Dixon Knitting. This is for a friend's baby boy, born last Friday.

Baby Cuteness

This is a truly awful photo. The baby kimono is quite cute. Instead ribbons, I used I-cord for the ties -- more manly, you know. Although the pattern doesn't call for it, I also attached inside ties, made from crocheted chains.

Oh, and I finally succumbed and switched to the new Blogger. Let me know if anything weird happens.....

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