Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Snowy Saturday

There's been bad weather for the last four weekends. Even the natives are talking about how bad this December has been, weather-wise. Today, we started out with pea-soup fog. This was actually a continuation of yesterday's fog. The good news is that it got up to 40ºF today (although I forgot to take a picture of a thermometer -- probably because the only one I could actually see through the fog was the one inside my car!). The bad news is that we're supposed to get snow and wind tonight, with 'blizzard-like' conditions tomorrow. I had planned on driving to Mom's tomorrow, but may stay home and bake cookies instead! (Thanks to Libby for those ideas -- and be sure to check out her variation on the chocolate cookies!)

I ventured out into the fog this morning to Hobby Lobby -- not my favorite place, but I needed to busy some relatively cheap yarn to use in teaching my 11-year-old niece to knit. All of their Christmas stuff was 50% off, too, so I stocked up on bags. I didn't like any of their needles, though, so went by the Knitting Shoppe (no web site), where this just happened to follow me home. I believe it wants to be Wisp.

Kidsilk Spray 568 (Tea Rose)

It's Kidsilk Spray in 568 Tea Rose. The color is more subtle than this flashy picture shows -- almost neutral, but with lots of color hiding inside. Edyie's just begun carrying Rowan yarn -- I may be spending more money there now!

Of course, none of this will happen until Honeybee gets done!


Anonymous said...

Those cookies sound fab! I'm hard at work making spritz cookies right now. Did you know the new cookie presses don't come with camels? What the heck is that about?!

Bezzie said...

Camels? Now I'm curious about camel cookies and can't remember what I was going to comment about before I read that!

Anonymous said...

bezzie, I meant the cigarettes, not cookies. KIDDING!

dale-harriet said...

Janna (found you via my comments, a first!) We're having the same weather you are, here up in WI; at the moment it's bitter cold (haven't looked at a thermo-meter) and there's the famous Glaze Ice on everything. Lilliane-the-matzoh-eating-cat eats crackers, cookies, &c, but she adores matzoh. (!) She recognizes the pizzelle box now (those flat Italian cookies, you know) and nothing for it, she has to have her own when I break them out for tea. PS - we're kindred spirits you and I! well, except I could've babysat you. But I worked in an associative medical situation for a lot of years too! Oh heck - I was a medical secretary and transcriptionist. But you know, there were still doctors around {grin} And you may not hear this every day: I LOVE IOWA! I have many friends and happinesses there. I'm a frightfully entrenched Midwesterner!

Chris said...

It's snowing here, too! Ack, I hate when it gets above 32F in the winter - mold allergy hell for me. I'm glad it's below freezing again. Bake bake bake!