Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"-8 is the new 20"

Remember when this was cold? Now, we're looking forward to this weekend, when it may actually get into the 20s. Last night, a friend mentioned how an acquaintance had joked that "-8 is the new 20." I wish I had thought of that, because it's SO true. 20 would be practically balmy!

In case you're wondering, the normal highs here for this time of year is in the low- to mid-30s low 40s!

And for you Celsius types:
  • -8F = -22C
  • 20F = -7C
  • 35F = 2C


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, wacky global warming! Send some of those temps and that snow my way!

Chris said...

It's supposed to be +35F by Sunday here! It was warmer than that last Sunday, actually. I got out my lightweight fall jacket, because now I'm acclimated to the evil cold...

Anonymous said...

I am devoutly refusing to check the outside temp.
Yesterday was ~ 20 here, but DH says today is COLD>
Damn, and I have to go out in it too.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I know exactly what that feels like. It's been crazy cold here. I can't wait until summer.

Amysatx said...

Uhhhh..It got up to 85 yesterday and 82 today...I'm not ready for Spring/Summer quite yet! I'm still knitting mittens!!

Marguerite said...

Anything above freezing this time of year and Michiganders are running around with our coats unzipped/unbuttoned letting the balmy air thaw our bones.

The same temps in the fall feel bone chilling.

Honeybee is so pretty.

I love looking at other knitter's lace projects. I've done a few myself, but after getting finished they just sit around and I don't wear them. It always seems easier to opt for something easier to manage plus I never want to have to wash and reblock them.