Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have a serious case of startitis. This despite the fact that I've finally started the last chart of Daedelus and am back to beading fun:


You might remember that I've recently started a pair of socks, and a Christmas stocking.

Christmas stocking
Red Velvet kit from Judy's Colors
Nail polish: Boris & Natasha by OPI

Apparently, though, that wasn't enough.

A couple days ago, I cast on another beautiful Anne Hanson design, Stonewall, using Jessie's A Piece of Vermont Merino/Tencel in Long Time Gone.


I love Anne's designs and Jessie's yarns -- together, they're even better!

Last night, while digging through the knitting bin next to my chair, I pulled these out.

Illini socks

These are my Illini socks, begun over a year ago, right after I moved here, when I thought I'd be able to knit on the bus (nope, too crowded). It's Wendy's generic toe-up sock, knit from Scout's hand-dyed sock yarn in the Illini colorway. All that's left is a couple of inches of stockinette leg, a little ribbing, and a bind-off. So.... I knit a few rounds tonight.

And all the time, there are four skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino, begging to be knit into a hat and small scarf....

Malbrigo Silky Merino
Really more of a blue-green...


Bezzie said...

Hee hee! I'm tickled that you list the color name and brand of nail polish you're wearing--like a fashion mag!

I'd finish up the Illini socks--they look the easiest to finish at this point. And you'll feel better about casting on the Malabrigo..hee hee!

Chris said...

I feel a little light-headed looking at all of those WIPs...

Anonymous said...

I've been doing the same thing. I'm ashamed to show all the stuff I've started. LOL And I even started a new scarf last night. I need an intervention.

Anonymous said...

I am doing the same thing! PLUS, I'm spending tons of time looking through all my knitting pubs for something new.

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I've been knitting such small, quick projects - it's easier to be monogamous. Really. I mean, I'm not totally desperate to cast on something new. No, not me. I'd never do that. Nope.

Anonymous said...

Your nails are LONG! They look fab!

Jody and I went to Kid and Ewe today (or however they spell it). She bought yarn; I petted alpacas. We missed you!

Melissa DeSantis said...

I like that nail polish! And your nails are looking quite long!

jessie said...

I think my yarn should go to the top of the list. Just because.

I'm currently in sort of a monogamous knitting phase and I kind of like it. It's nice to get something started and done! (Product knitter, not process knitter, speaking.)