Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I managed to miss my Mom's birthday earlier this month. I mean, I knew it was happening, and saw her the previous weekend, but the cookbook I wanted to get her wasn't published until the next week. I'll take her the cookbook at Thanksgiving, but figured I should add something else. She really likes warshrags, so I've started one (no picture!). On Monday, though, I was suddenly overwhelmed to knit her a Toto the Extremely Useful and Cute Potholder (Ravelry link) from the new(ish) Mason-Dixon book. Although it was a rocky start -- my size 8 DPNs are metal and extra long and heavy (and I have no idea how I came to own them!), so midway through, I switched to two circs. However, all of my shorter Harmony cables were in use, so I ended up using a really long cable on one side. Those needles swinging around were almost as annoying as the DPNs! This afternoon (before a dental appointment), I stopped by my LYS and picked up some normal, short, bamboo size 8 DPNs, and finished it this afternoon.

Toto I
Yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream in Red, Sage, and Warm Brown

I'm so please with it that I started another!

Toto 2


Bezzie said...

Cool potholder--I've never seen it before!

And hee, hee, warshrags. My mom had to be broken of her warshing after growing up in IL!

Chris said...

What a clever potholder!

Amysatx said...

Very neat! I have the book but haven't had a chance to really look at it. I'll have to look for that pattern.