Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So sorry -- didn't mean to disappear!  I have nothing new to show you except....

Samantha Alice

Samantha Alice
(Lousy iphone photo)

This is Samantha Alice!  I had planned on calling her Alice, but her name at the shelter was Samantha, and she seems to recognize it, so for now, she has two names.  

I brought her home a week ago.  I knew I wanted a tuxedo cat who wasn't real young.  S. Alice about a year old and had been at the shelter for 6 weeks.  She is small -- about 6 pounds -- and although she was very quiet and calm at the shelter, she has become a rambunctious playful girl in the last few days.  I kept her and Harley separated for the first couple days, but Harley is pretty laid back and likes other kitties, so over the weekend they spent lots of time together.  And although they aren't yet to the cuddling and mutual grooming stage, they are definitely friends.  Of course, we all know that Harley is particularly fond of tuxedo cats, as am I!


Simon and Seraphim