Saturday, May 24, 2008

A duck and his recliner

A couple weeks ago, a recliner appeared on the far bank of the pond behind my house. A few days later, the recliner was in the pond. I kept hoping some agency would come drag it out (the pond is part of a city park). This afternoon, I was happy to see that someone was enjoying it...

A duck and his recliner
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While I was outside taking the picture, the Goose family stopped by, too.

This year's Goose family

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Again

I got home kind of late last night from MLA08 in Chicago. It was really a great meeting. The best thing about meetings to me is always the networking, and this one was extra-special. I got to see a lot of my friends from San Antonio -- both the ones who are still there and the quite-a-few of us who have left in the last couple years.

One of the highlights for me of the actual program was futurist Andrew Zolli. Usually, I dislike futurists -- they always seem to think they're better/smarter than the rest of us, and they never understand what librarians do. Zolli was totally different. First of all, he was funny! He had also done his homework and he knew about medical librarians and even MLA's projects, like Librarians without Borders. And, best of all, he freely admitted that futurists are usually wrong!

There was a real Web 2.0 slant to this meeting, complete with discussion on whether we even need to call it Web 2.0. ("Isn't it just the evolution of the web?" I would agree with that.) However, it did get me to finally sign up for Twitter... (I'm jannabeth there, too.)

There were also plenty of knitters on hand. On Saturday morning, I met up with Hedgehoglibrarian and Knit&RunDC at Loopy. A little stash enhancement took place:

Camelspin and Lorna's Laces

That's a skein of Handmaiden's Camelspin (70% silk/30% camel -- yes, CAMEL!). I seem to have lost the tag with the name of the colorway, though. And in front -- two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Pink Blossom. Because I need more pink sock yarn....

During the meeting, I saw several other knitters (and compared socks with one), a couple crocheters, and a woman who was doing Tunisian Crochet. I wish I had gotten up the nerve to ask her about it, but I guess I found that giant hook intimidating!

The second Baby Cable Rib Sock was just a few rows of ribbing when I got there, and look at it now!

Baby Cable Rib Sock #2

I discovered that I could put my little notebook and my pen on my knee, and knit above them. Then, if I was inspired to scribble a note, I was ready. This is a great pattern for me -- enough "pattern" to keep me inspired, but rote enough that I didn't need to think too hard about it. I even turned the heel while listening to a panel talk about web (2.o?) applications in libraries!

Oh -- and the group that was moving into the Hyatt as we all moved out on Wednesday? They were a little different from us -- and I can't stop wondering if there were any knitters among them!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Socks and Stuff

Whiskers and Paw Prints are done, and although they are on my feet right now, I got a picture of them lounging on the dryer, after their first bath.

Whiskers and Paw Prints

I love these socks and the yarn! To recap:

Pattern: Whiskers and Paw Prints by Theresa Walunas (Part of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern goes to the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, in honor of Theresa's aunt)
Yarn: A Piece of Vermont Merino Sock Yarn by Jessie, in Shell
Needles: Size 1.5 KnitPicks Harmony wood DPNs

I've also finished the first Baby Cable Rib sock (from Sensational Knitted Socks), being knit in Hand Jive's Nature's Palette Fingering weight yarn in Indian Paintbrush.

Baby Cable sock #1
Poorly composed photo of my own foot, plus laser-eyed cat

This sock had been languishing for a while, but it's gained my interest again! This is good, because I need some portable knitting -- on Friday, I'm leaving for the MLA conference in Chicago.

Actually, I just got back from another, much smaller conference, held on the Purdue campus. Even though Purdue and the University of Illinois are less than 100 miles apart, I had never been to the campus, which is really lovely. The conference was great and there was even time to visit the venerable Harry's Chocolate Shop (where there was no chocolate in sight!).

Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Projects

Saturday night, I found myself...

Ene's Cherry Pie Scarf

...casting on!!!

Ene's Scarf (from Scarf Style) has been in my queue for ages (since before I actually had a queue, even!). Then I got the Cherry Pie Laceweight from Amanda, and the two seemed perfect for each other. You can't tell it from the photo, but this yarn is just slightly variegated -- and is absolutely gorgeous.

Another gorgeous scarf/yarn combo is Anne's Whispering Pines Triangle and the Sweet Sheep Laceweight in Cranapple, also marinating in my stash (although not for as long as the Cherry Pie had been -- and I'm suddenly seeing a pattern here with yarn names....). I talked myself out of casting on for it, because it's huge -- so I cast on for Ene's Scarf instead.

375 knitted cast-on stitches in doubled lace-weight yarn later, I came to my senses. So Ene will have to wait a little longer, until I finish these socks.

Whiskers and Pawprints

Even though this is the second sock, the short-row heel gave me fits, but I finally got it done, and am speeding on towards the toe.

Oh -- and look what else I accomplished this weekend!

Dillo tat

My new armadillo tattoo -- one black and one white! They're on the inside of my left arm, just above my wrist. The white one is closer to my wrist. It will be interesting to see how the white one looks once it's healed. White tattoos are very subtle, which is what I wanted, but Mark already told me he can go over it in a different color if it's too subtle.