Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This and That

I wouldn't say I exactly have startitis, but I have started several new projects recently.

Back in March, during the Honey Cowl craze, I cast on for one, using two colors of madelinetosh pashmina -- Betty Draper's Blues (the same color, although different yarn base, that I used for my sister's Saroyan) and Mica.  I haven't gotten far on it, but I'm going to a conference soon, so I need some straightforward knitting.


One of my problems is that I'm not sure that it wouldn't look better with the colors reversed, so that the lighter blue (Mica) is at the edge.  Part of me is pretty sure it won't make much difference!  I'd be happy to hear opinions on this....


I've also cast on for a pair of socks.  I'm taking part in Anne Hanson's Bare Naked Knitspot.  I will say that I am not good about knitting the pattern of the month with that month's yarn.  But I cast on immediately in April for the Waffle Creams socks with the natural merino/alpaca yarn that came with the pattern. (No links yet because it's the latest club project.)

Usually, I knit socks on size 1 needles on around 66 stitches.  These were 68 stitches, but the fabric on size 1s was too loose, so I frogged and switched to size 0 needles.  The fabric was beautiful, but when I got almost to the heel, I tried the sock on, and although I could get it on, it was too small, and I knew the instep would be an issue.  So I frogged again (although I wish I had taken a picture first -- the fabric rally was gorgeous!) and cast on for the next size up, 76 stitches.  The good news is that I definitely have the cable, over 7 stitches with a twist in the middle, down pat, even without a cable needle!  This will be another conference project.

The yarn is actually a little more tan than this....

And finally -- a while back I ordered a skein of silk lace yarn all the way from Germany.  It's Tussah Silk from DyeForYarn and the yarn-maker was in Fuerth, a suburb of Nuernberg (Nuremberg).  Eons ago, I was an Army wife, and we lived in another Nuernberg suburb.  The big PX and commissary for our region was in Fuerth, and I spent much time there. Obviously it was meant to be!

But I think I'll wait until next time to show you more about this one....