Monday, May 21, 2007

Quick Post from Iowa

I'm posting from the Terrapin Coffee House in Coralville (right next to Iowa City and closer to where I live than downtown IC), because the cable company is confused. They think someone already has cable in my new place. They're very nice, though, and I'm sure it will get worked out.

Harley and I got to our new home around 5:30 last night. Turned out that she's a great little traveler. Of course, I did give her a light sedative, but it didn't seem to really affect her regular behavior -- she rode in the carrier next to me in the front seat, and dozed and woke up repeatedly like she does every day. However, she didn't howl, or even meow much. I think it just made her kind of happy!

When we stopped for the night in Wichita, Kansas, she came out and explored the room, after I made sure she couldn't get under the bed. She was pretty active all night, which is unlike her, so I assume that was the sedative wearing off. But in the morning, I have her another quarter-tablet mixed into some chicken baby food, and she actually put herself into the crate!

Right now, "home" has a air bed and a coffee maker and not much else. Furniture, etc., is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. Harley has discovered the window seat in the front bedroom. I don't think she's been downstairs yet, though.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Checking In

Still in San Antonio, still packing up. Tomorrow they come to pack my "fragiles," of which I have many. Thursday it all goes on the moving truck, and by Sunday evening, Harley and I will be in Iowa City, in a townhouse empty of anything except a blow-up mattress, a Fighting Illini lawn chair, and a litter box.

Speaking of Harley -- I took her to the vet this afternoon, to be boarded until we leave town Saturday morning. It will be traumatic for her, but not as traumatic as all the strangers in the house taking our stuff away would be!

There have been many trips to Goodwill. I gave away half my clothes and about three-quarters of my shoes. And this:
ca. 1985 microwave

That's a ca. 1985 microwave, from Montgomery Wards, a store that no longer exists. It's huge and weighs a ton, and I decided that maybe I had actually gotten my money's worth from it -- it cost $350! I think I'll be replacing it with this one.

There's been little knitting done.... Sunday was my last Stitch'n'Bitch :-(

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Handbell necklace

Thanks to Chris and Amy for reminding me about the macro setting on my camera. This photo is a little dark, but it's in focus!

The macro picture above is a necklace with a tiny handbell charm, a gift from my handbell choir. They threw a little surprise party for me after practice, complete with a wonderful cake with a handbell decoration. I was so surprised, and so touched!

In cat news....
My sister reports that Simon came out from hiding under the guest room bed when he smelled Chick-Fil-A, so I think we can stop worrying about him!

And Harley was embarrassed by yesterday's lazy pictures, and wants y'all to know that she can look regal, too.
Harley, looking regal

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I totally forgot today was Tuesday, so I missed Tuesday Night Knitting. My last Tuesday Night Knitting. Luckily, there's one more Sunday Knitting left.

Today I cleaned out drawers. Again, I wear maybe a quarter of the clothes I own. However, that doesn't mean I threw out all those old t-shirts, going all the way back to college. I've heard about people making quilts out of them, but I don't want to do anything with them -- I just want to know I have them!

I had lunch with a former co-worker today. She retired a couple years ago, but she is probably more responsible than anyone else for my being a medical librarian today. We went out for Mexican, of course. I admired her earrings -- they were made by an artist we both know and admire -- and she took them out of her ears and gave them to me.

Ken Wilson earrings
(One of my goals for when I get moved and settled is to figure out how to take non-blurry close-ups.)

What a wonderful friend!

And finally, a montage of Harley photos, doing what she does best... Look at that adorable tan paw...

Harley I
Harley II
Harley III
Yeah, I'm awake....

Monday, May 07, 2007


Not feeling very creative tonight, but it's been a while since I posted. Mostly, I'm obsessed with my move. Today was really my last day at work. I finished cleaning out my office (you accumulate a lot of stuff when you work at the same place for 22 years) and cleared -- gave up my key, ID, university credit card, and parking pass. That last part -- the parking pass -- will make some lucky person really happy. I have a fantastic reserved parking space, right in front of the Library. Even for people who don't work in the Library, it's a really good location. The only problem with it is that, because it's such a great location, people tend to park there illegally, despite the big yellow letters that say RESERVED painted on the ground in front of it.

Last Thursday, there was a farewell reception for me, with lots of good food made mostly by a co-worker who should really be a caterer, not a librarian. It was really nice, and some of my faculty friends attended, too. The staff got together and bought me gift cards -- one to Target and one to The Knitting Shoppe, in Iowa City. They really know me, eh?

This evening, my sister came over and got Simon and his accoutrements. Harley doesn't see too concerned so far. I suspect we'll both miss him more tomorrow morning.


I also wound up one last skein of KnitPicks Shadow for Hidcote. Most of my stash is in some of those giant ziplocs, and will eventually be packed in the big Rubbermaid tub with my Christmas ornaments. I'm taking Hidcote and the second Embossed Leaves sock in the car with me. The Brooks Farm Primero might want to become Midwest Moonlight, from Scarf Style -- it seems an appropriate knit for my move to Iowa, although I guess mohair is a sort of odd choice for such a textured pattern.

hidcote and midwest moonlight
top: the first 4 rows of Midwest Moonlight, about to be frogged (because everything gets frogged at least twice). bottom: Hidcote

Oh, and I'm still chugging away on Arwen's back in Beaverslide Fisherman weight.


(Sorry for the lack of links tonight.)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quick question

Does anyone have a tattoo on the inside of their wrist? How much did it hurt? The one on my back didn't hurt at all, but the inside of the wrist seems like it would be a lot more sensitive....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still here.....

and not knitting much. But would you care to see the the giant garbage bag full of stuff I shredded last night?

I didn't think so. I've got records going back to when I was married (basically, the 1980s). So I shredded a lot, although I decided to keep my check stubs from my first real job after college. I also kept a copy of a letter my ex wrote after we got divorced to convince USAA to give me a credit card in my own name. Even then, that seemed really nice for an ex-husband -- and they did give me a card, with a $500 limit. I still have that card, but they've raised the limit for me! ;-)

Tonight was handbell practice -- next week will be my last one. I love my handbell choir. We have lots of fun and make pretty music, even though we're definitely amateurs.

I was also going to make one last batch of my famous Bailey's Brownies for my co-workers, but managed to burn the chocolate while melting it in the microwave. I didn't have any more Baker's German's sweet chocolate (yes, "German's" is possessive, too -- look it up!) so I guess it will wait until tomorrow night.

I actually have done a bit of knitting. I finished the first Embossed Leaves sock, and the Brooks Farm Primero decided it didn't want to be Cozy after all, so I frogged it. I've started on Hidcote once again, in KnitPicks Shadow in Oregon Coast. I got through a few rows last time and frogged. I suspect it was the KnitPicks Options needles I was using -- they're nice and pointy and the cord is fantastic -- not twisty at all -- but they're a little slick for me. However, I'm trying them again ( because, believe it or not, I don't seem to have any size 3 circs!).

But mostly I've been shredding, sorting books, and facing the fact that I only wear about a quarter of the clothes I own....