Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random Thursday

No photos in this post, because I'm supposed to be working - I have two big projects at work that are taking a lot of my supposed "free time." So, without photos, I figure this isn't really a post and therefore is not cutting into the work time!

I did finish my first warshrag last night. I meant to take a picture of it in its finished state, but I forgot. And now it's already draped over the faucet in the kitchen!

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the contents of two boxes that arrived yesterday - both stash enhacements! And I had totally forgotten I had ordered one of them (which no doubt means I have too much yarn).

I feel like I've reached an important milestone as a blogger - I got my first comment spam today. It was on the post from June 12, which was about the lipstick-colored yarn. And the spam was about some website on the hazards (I think) of make-up. It said something along the lines of "women swallow 9 lbs of lipstick during their lifetime." Whatever..... I felt very powerful deleting it!

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