Monday, July 24, 2006

Simon and His Bib

As dignified as possible
Pretend like it's not there
I'll just leave now
Bib?  What bib?

Here's a little photo essay. (Sorry -- too lazy to figure out how to make the pictures line up better. That would require remembering more ancient html skillz.)

At first, Simon thought he would just ignore the fact he was wearing a pink and lavender bib. "Let me walk around," he says. "Let me sniff the carpet...... Maybe I can slip out of it one paw at a time." Which is exactly what he did!

He was actually not as crazed as I thought he might be, although he never let me get a good head-on photo. And Harley watched the whole thing from across the dining room, absolutely aghast.

Maybe I should have shown them the pictures of Chaos modeling first! (Not sure it would have helped!)

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