Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Butter Cow and Other State Fair Adventures

As promised, the Butter Cow, an Illinois State Fair tradition since 1922.
butter cow

Notice not just the cow, but the calf, the kitten (touching noses with the calf), the tree, the birdies, the bird and worm on the ground, and even the cow pie behind the cow are made of Prairie Farms butter. Mom mentioned that the cow's udder is missing a couple teats, but other than that, it's amazingly life-like.

We also saw yarn on the hoof.....

and made into prize winning items.

Kool-Aid dyinglace

The shawl on the left was knit with Kool-Aid dyed yarn. And I'm fairly certain the doily on the right is crocheted, but the Fair lumps knitting and crochet into one category.

We also watched a draft horse and mule competition...
Murphy's Mules

saw prize-winning gladioli....
Mom and gladiola
That's my Mom!

visited with some cattle....

discovered a profession that probably deserves more pay....
Horse dentist
That says "equine dentistry."

and ran into Elvis Himselvis several times, including once while he was buying something-on-a-stick!
Elvis Himselvis

What's better than something-on-a-stick? Anything deep-fried!
Fried What

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