Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Wad of Seraphim

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Monday. Well, actually, I can -- last week was wildly busy at work, what with the return of Nursing, Allied Health, and Grad Students (Medical and Dental came back in July). I know I didn't knit at all between Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon.

In what little knitting time I've had, I've been plugging along on Seraphim. I'm up to row 27 in Chart 2. I've only got 36 rows to go. Of course, the row length increases by 4 stitches every other row. If my math is correct, I currently have 382 stitches on my needles. So that means I'll eventually have 454 stitches. Considering that you start by casting on 5, that's really pretty amazing! Although I'm the world's slowest knitter, I feel like I've really gotten into the rhythm of the pattern, and I'm totally enjoying it.

Here's a picture, looking a little like a bucket of boiled ass (to quote the ever-hilarious Rabbitch).

A wad of Seraphim

Here it is with a few pattern repeats spread out over my iBook screen. Pretty, if I say so myself! I'm knitting it out of elann's Peruvian Baby Silk (80% baby alpaca and 20% silk), which is a very pretty, soft, easy-to-knit yarn that I will most definitely use again.


And, finally, today was Kim's last Sunday S'n'B before she moves to Virginia. We're all getting together one more time for dinner, but we'll miss Kim so much -- our group wouldn't exist without her!

Sunday SnB
Kim's the one on the far left -- the blonde in the black top.
Good-bye and good luck, Kim! Thanks for everything you've done for us!

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