Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I had a long, crappy day at work--really crappy. I finally got home around 8:00. I had been waiting since Sunday for Stephanie's post on Austin and I was so excited to see that she had posted. And I was even more excited after I scrolled down and saw myself! I haven't ever posted a picture of myself on my own blog, and here I am on the Yarn Harlot's! What's funny is that she had written down my name (she was keeping a numbered list as she took pictures), but not my blog address. However, I had commented a couple times about coming up from San Antonio for her visit, and she'd replied to one of them, so I guess I was easy to track down.

Oh - and scroll down a little farther in the post to see another San Antonian -- David, of Utilikilt fame! There are also pictures of (non-San Antonians) Caro, and Christine, and Julia's leg. But where are Susan and Ken?

And doesn't Stephanie look cute in that cowboy hat?

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