Monday, August 28, 2006

Cats on a Suitcase

(Doesn't that sound more amusing than snakes on a plane?)

But first -- look what came in the mail today!

Sock bag

It's a sock bag! I love it! It occurs to me that it could double as a warshrag bag, too. Thanks, Secret Pal! Who are you????

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post...... If you were to walk into my bedroom, you would say, "She's been home for a week - why's her luggage still lying in the middle of the floor?" In my defense, I want to point out that the suitcases are empty -- usually.

Simon in paisley bag

Simon loves to get into the carry-on bag. Right before I took this one, he was hunched down, and completely invisible -- except for his tail sticking straight out of the bag!

He also likes to lounge on the big red suitcase. Harley will come and sniff around, but she's clearly confused by his interest.

Simon on the red suitcase

So you can see why the luggage is still there -- the bedroom is big, so why not make the cat happy?

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