Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Toy

new camera
New Camera
by Old Camera

I dashed home after work to pick up my knitting bag before I went to Tuesday night knitting at B&N, and look what was waiting on my doorstep, a day earlier than expected -- my new camera!

I had $60 worth of Amazon gift certificates, so I put them toward a Canon PowerShot A620. This was a hard decision for me -- I really wanted a teeny, tiny camera, but this one was $75 cheaper than a similar Elph, whose main attraction was its teeny-tininess. But Consumer Reports -- and a little common sense -- convinced me that this camera, even if it does weigh a whole 12 ounces (compared to 6 ounces for the Elph) was the better buy. And now I need to stop talking about this decision, because I still want a little bitty camera.....

So, I haven't figured out anything beyond how to put in batteries and the memory card, and how to turn it on. Maybe there will be a picture of a WIP tomorrow night.

I couldn't spend the evening figuring it out, though, because I was off to knitting, where we had quite a crowd. Frequently it's only Susan, Kim, Mary, and me on Tuesdays, but tonight there were (I think) 9 of us, plus Eileen's knitter-friendly husband and baby. Eileen also brought a friend, whose name I think was Emily (is that right?). We liked her, even if I can't remember her name! I guess we were a little noisy while wielding our pointy sticks, because we seemed to scare away most of the guys looking at the sports magazines (and whatever you'd call Maxim and FHM) at the rack next to us. Maybe the fact that we had a guy in a kilt in our group sent them over to the next rack to take a look at Vogue Knitting. (Maybe!)

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