Tuesday, April 17, 2007


You can tell from the ticker up there that it's been over three months since I bought yarn. Well, we were allowed a free day each month, and I used two of mine, but still..... Thanks to Rebekah for setting up the Yarn Focus Challenge. It was really a good thing!!

And of course, I should keep it up, since I'll have to pay to move every skein of yarn that comes into my house. That didn't stop me from ordering a beautiful skein of Seafoam green sock yarn from Sophie's Toes this morning, of course.

And later this week, I'm flying up to Iowa City to find a place to live, and I plan on stopping by Crazy Girl Yarn Shop (actually in Coralville) and the Knitting Shoppe (no website?). They're already marked on my map, along with the realtor's office and my new boss's home. Priorities, people!

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