Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Month

A month ago today, Harley and I arrived in Iowa City. It feels like I just got here, and like I've been gone from San Antonio forever. I'm beginning to feel at home here, especially at work, and have quit feeling like I'll eventually be going "home" to San Antonio.

Some random observations:
  • I'm still surprised that there are such big hills here.
  • Taking public transportation to work isn't so bad.
  • I may change my mind this winter, because the bus stop by my house doesn't have a shelter. So far, I've only had to wait for the bus once in inclement weather and that was just a very light rain.
  • Taking baked goods to work on the bus doesn't feel as odd as I thought it might.
  • I like being on a real university campus.
  • The cool nights are wonderful.
  • Harley and I both miss Simon, but being an only cat seems to have made Harley friendlier and braver.

Mouse Madness
Since last Friday, I've knit five mice. Two were gifted to a co-worker whose birthday was Monday, and two more will go to my boss tomorrow. That leaves one for Harley. I think I need to make some more, though. They're very quick and rather addictive.
Left to right: Orangeman, Pinky One-Ear, and Stumpy

Stumpy's tail is awfully short, and Pinky has two ears, but one is deformed. Just like life -- no one's perfect!

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