Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I mentioned that I got my Ravelry invite a few days ago. The first time, I went in, set up my profile, poked around a bit, and decided I needed to get a little more organized before I started adding projects.

This morning I woke up with a splitting headache, so I stayed home and slept most of the morning. This afternoon, I felt a little better, although not really like knitting or reading. So, I turned on the TV and opened up my iBook.

I realized that I could put up a few WIPs just by using pictures I had in Flickr and by looking at the works that were laying on the floor next to me. Then I realized I could add some FOs from notes on my blog and pictures in Flickr. Then I realized that I had some older FOs in my iPhoto library, and could easily put those up on Flickr, to link to Ravelry.

So - you get the picture, right? I now have about 20 projects up, and a number of books listed in my library. I haven't worked on the needle listing or on putting up my stash, which, frankly, are probably the things I need to do most!

I've found a couple of you on Ravelry just serendipitously and added you as Friends. Who else is there? I'm there as jannabeth.

Oh -- and while cleaning up my sidebar a couple days ago, I seem to have screwed up the background on my blog. Didn't the background behind ALL the posts used to be white? Anybody have any ideas what I did? I know enough that I went into the template and looked for un-matched tags and the like, and don't see anything obvious.

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