Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching Up

The camera, spare cord, and I are finally all in the same place tonight. Of course, there's not much knitting to show you -- however, I did finish Harry Potter 7 tonight!

I promised y'all a picture of the gorgeous Kitchenered toe on my first Monkey. You might remember that my friend Becky (sadly blogless) walked me through it -- I may need to call her to have her walk me through the second one!

kitchenered toe
Have you ever tried to take a photo of your own toes?

I'm still working on Clue 1, Chart B of the Mystery Stole -- I'm on row 88 (of 100 in Clue 1). I enjoy it, but I really need to think while I'm working on it. As I've mentioned, I'm not the only person who has been frustrated by Chart B. I've frogged back to my lifeline at row 82 twice.

Oh - and I still haven't blocked Askew!

Despite this lack of knitting progress, I have managed to increase my stash. This pretty fuchsia/orange/yellow sock yarn is the Ginny colorway by local knitter/dyer/blogger KnittingHawkeye. You should go visit her Etsy shop -- she's got some fantastic Harry Potter-inspired colors, at a very reasonable price.

MacKintosh Yarns Ginny

Totally unrelated to anything (although I think my San Antonio friends will appreciate this) -- look at my nails!


About 3 weeks ago, I realized that I had stopped biting my nails. I first stopped biting them almost 20 years ago, but about a year ago, I started again. But now, thanks to a much more relaxed work environment, I've stopped, without any effort!

Comment craziness: Just so you'll know -- my comments are still behaving strangely. I'm hoping to have time this weekend to figure out what's going on and get them to all show up in one place. And at this point, I don't care whether it's in Blogger or Haloscan comments!


Chris said...

Well, Haloscan was completely broken last night, so... :)

That's some fun HP yarn! Very cool about your nails, too.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the toe. I would have stuffed cloths in the sock and taken a picture of it that way. I don't bend in such a way to take a picture of my own toe.

If you need to do a toe in the middle of the night, there's a pretty good video of it here: about 3 quarters of the page down. (If the link isn't clickable just go to, click on Basic Techniques, then on the More and you'll get to the same page.

Anonymous said...

The toe looks fantastic!!!

Melissa DeSantis said...

Your nails look fantastic!