Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Despite the large number of WIPs (and if you're on Ravelry -- well, there are more WIPs than you see there!), I suddenly had to knit Askew. So I ordered some of the requisite Noro Silk Garden (colorway 246) from SuperCrafty last week. It arrived yesterday -- look at the cute and oh-so-true button Allison included with my order. (Sorry it's blurry -- I'm too lazy to try again.)

Will work for yarn

I swatched, then cast on last night.

askew and noro

So this is what I'll work on this evening. Harley, in the meantime, is watching the wildlife in the backyard.

Harley watching wildlife




Someone asked about the "lake" behind my townhouse. Willow Creek turns into a pond behind my complex, which makes for a very pretty backyard. At night, there's some unknown critter that croaks all night long. The first couple nights, he kept both Harley and me awake, but we've gotten used to it!


Steven said...

Askew is going to be gorgeous! And lucky Harley -- look at all the interesting things he gets to look at all day.

I haven't seen a chipmunk in years!

Sometimes I feel like I AM working for yarn!

Chris said...

What a great yard! Lucky, lucky Harley! Oh, fun to see you knit Askew.