Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hi there!

Yes, I'm still here. This getting-ready-to-move business is very time-consuming, especially since work is sort of freaking out about my leaving. I mean, pretty much everything I do will have to go on once I leave, and figuring out how that's going to happen takes a lot of meetings!

There has been knitting, though. In fact, I flew to Dallas and back yesterday for a meeting, which supplied quite a bit of knitting time.


Oops! That would be Simon....

Still Life with Sock

I just turned the heel of my first Embossed Leaves sock in Lorna's Laces Shepherds Sock in Yellowstone. I like the way the colors stripe/pool differently in the stockinette heel, as compared to the lace leg. This is a really fun pattern--enough going on that I don't get bored, but simple enough that I could knit during my meeting yesterday.

And I hope you noticed the pie plate it's laying in. Here's a better picture:

Armadillo Pie Plate

Yes, Armadillo Pie! My meeting yesterday was (most likely) my last SCC/MLA Board meeting, and this was their surprise farewell gift to me. Our chapter's "critter" is the armadillo, and the current Past President (who was President-Elect when I was President) had been holding onto this dish for just the right occasion! My favorite part is the little line of 'dillos marching around the edge.

Sorry for the blurriness--I need to figure out how to take close-ups!

One of the hardest part of this move is leaving SCC. I'm sure the Midwest Chapter of MLA is very nice, but any group with an armadillo as the chapter critter is special!

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