Monday, August 06, 2007

A Winner!

The random number generator told me to pick number 25. The 25th commenter to my birthday post was Uberstrickenfrau! I've emailed her, too. She gets to pick between these two skeins of Colinette Jitterbug:

Sahara or Raspberry

Thanks to everyone who entered!

In other Jitterbug-related news, here's the skein I won in Courtney's contest.

Jitterbug Fruit Coulis

I'm keeping this gorgeous Fruit Coulis Jitterbug for me! It's pinker and brighter than it appears here, as is the matching tissue paper Courtney used to wrap it. It's all so me!! Thank you again, Courtney!

In other knitting news, I finished the second Monkey sock. This picture is a little blurry, but I like how it shows the pattern.

blurred monkeys

Pattern: Cookie A's Monkeys
Yarn: Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes in Seafoam
Needles: Size 1 rosewood DPNs (love my rosewood DPNs!)
Modifications: I started with a picot cuff rather than a ribbed cuff
Comments: I love these -- the pattern, the yarn, my picot cuff. I'm happy, happy, happy!!


Olga said...

Oh thanky thanky Mr. numbers! We loves you! Now you'll have to come over to my place and be in my contest!!! Just spreading the love around! Thanks again. ;o)

Anonymous said...

The Monkeys look great!

Bezzie said...

It's official. I only like those Monkeys when they're knit in solid or solidish colors. Very nice!

Chris said...

Congrats to Uberstrickenfrau! Nice Monkeys. :)

sheep#100 said...

Those Jitterbugs look scrumptious.
Yay for u.s.f.

Anonymous said...

Oh, SO PRETTY! I really really need a pair of pretty socks to wear around the office. They don't have to fit in shoes or anything...

Kim said...

The Jitterbug color is perfect for you.

k said...

I love the Monkeys! I'm half way through my first Monkey