Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Special Kitty Edition

I recently got back for several days in San Antonio, where I got to visit with some of my favorite kitties.

Simon still likes to spend time in suitcases. He also says hi to all of you -- he misses being a minor knitblog celebrity!


I realized a while ago that I had no pictures of my sister's other cat, Schuster. Schuster is not as outgoing as Simon, and would really prefer to be an only kitty. However, she tolerates Simon.


And, finally -- meet Gracie!


Gracie belongs to my friend and fellow knitter, Jody. Jody is also my sister's best friend, dating back to when they were college roommates. Gracie, who I believe is about 7 weeks old now, is an adorable little calico and came with her name (actually, it's Graceland -- her mother's name is Elvis -- don't ask....). She seemed destined to be an almost-member of our family since my mom's name is Grace!


Bezzie said...

That's a hunkahunka burning kitty!

Glad to see Simon back making a guest appearance!

Chris said...

Hi Simon! Nice to meet you, Schuster. And oh, how cute is Grace?!

Deb said...

I actually rached up to per Gracie on my screen. What a sweet face! I could use a kitty to snuggle with today.

bellamoden said...

Simon and Schuster. TOO FUNNY.

They are so cute! *schmoompies*

jessie said...

Cute kitties!

My mom used to have a cat named Grace. The cat came to her supposedly spayed, and then had kittens. After that, she was Amazing Grace.

Anonymous said...

Yay kitties!

Simon and Schuster...ha!