Friday, June 20, 2008

Knitting Content

There HAS been knitting and knitting-related activity going on.

First, I started and finished a warshrag for my mom. Here it is in its natural habitat:

Warshcloth for Mom

Peaches'n'Creme and the Ballband pattern, of course.

I'm working on Brambler for a friend's (late) birthday. It's out of CAMEL and SILK. It's wonderful to touch. Unfortunately, I'm bored with it, and I realize I made a mistake a ways back. If I could figure out what I did, I'd do it again at the other end....


I was also sockless (unless you count those toe-up Illini socks, which I may never finish), so I cast on Primavera using the May Sock Club yarn.

Primavera Sock #1

And, finally, I took advantage of my unexpected visit to central Illinois to go to Champaign and meet up with Helen for yarn shopping and gyros. We had someone take our picture. This, unfortunately, is the good one... We were actually having a great time, weren't we, Helen?

Helen and me

And I'm now also taking part in Summer of Lace. I was tempted by the possibility of getting a prize for something I'd already be doing anyway!


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Warshrag...oh no, have you assimilated??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

We weren't having a great time, we were having a fabulous time!

Are you _sure_ you don't want to move back here???

Chris said...

So you're home and dry and all is well?

Steven said...

I recognize that look -- overwhelmed faces at the end of a day of yarn shopping!