Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stop Me Before I Cast On Again!

Since I last blogged I have knit a warshrag to match the Toto for my mother

Another dishrag

and a cowl for me!!!

Dolores Park Cowl
Did you know that cowls are the new scarves?
And does anyone know if that
Strivectin stuff works?

I love this and am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow morning while waiting for the bus! I'm now looking for a hat pattern to make use of the remaining 90ish yards of yarn.

Pattern: Dolores Park Cowl
Yarn: just a little over one skein of Dream in Color Fatty (a sort of slightly-thinner-than-bulky yarn, which is apparently no longer produced) in Ruby River
  • I cast on 70 stitches instead of 60, but really, probably would have been fine with 60.
  • Because I was hoping to only use 1 skein, I skipped one plain knit row in the middle, but I still needed to dip into the second skein for the last round and a half and the bind-off.
  • I used the Russian Bind-off, which I think is just as beautiful as it is stretchy. It takes longer to do, but I think it may be my new bind-off.
  • This picture doesn't do justice to the yarn's color, which actually has a lot of purple in it.
  • The yarn is wonderful -- soft and squooshy and gorgeous!
I'm not sure why but small projects on big needles really attract me at the moment, which is totally, totally not usually me! But really I think this cowl needs a matching hat of some sort... (Sorry, Helen, I promise to get back to Daedelus soon!!!)


Bezzie said...

They totally ARE the new scarves aren't they? And stupid me, I'm backwards--I couldn't find a cowl I liked last year to replace my scarf, and this year I knit a scarf instead! I've never heard of Dream in Color Fatty! Sounds divine! (And like you might be able to smoke it too!)

Chris said...

But you not only cast on, you finished two projects! Nice.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT cast on!!! Matching hats are passe.... too... matchy matchy. You aren't that girl. Trust me... I know these things.

Instead....bead baby, bead! and bind off with that lovely Russian bind off and show me "art!"

now.... which of these yarns should I make my cowl out of?

Steven said...

Not only are cowls the new scarves, cowls are for dudes, too! Your's is quite nice! Thanks for sharing the Russian bind-off. I'm going to have to try that!

Anonymous said...

I keep casting on...but not finishing. I need help.

I love the cowl! Very nice!

Amysatx said...

Cool cowl!! I have been seeing more and more of them around. Keep casting on!!