Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

A lot of bloggers have been announcing their resolutions for the year, many involving blogging and/or knitting. I'm not making any resolutions about either -- my blogging will continue to be rather sporadic and my knitting rather planless (is that a word? You know what I mean...)

The only resolution I'm making this year is to shred more regularly. Sad, huh? However, the truth is that I have months' worth of stuff that needs to be shredded waiting for me in a large wastebasket, and next to it. I got through maybe 25% of it this afternoon, and plan on working on it a little every evening. Then, at least once a week, I'll shred anything new. I'm also moving the shredder into the dining room, which is where I open the mail anyway.

So -- enough of that. There has been knitting!

Over the last couple of days, I've knit a Jayne hat for my brother. I ordered a kit from Heather Hill, which included a pre-made pompom. I don't know why I hate the idea of making pompoms (I'm not sure I've ever made one!) but having one come in the kit was a big plus! And the mailer she sent it in was covered with the most cunning stamps.

Ken's Jayne hat
Mr. Swift isn't the best model.
I'll try to get my brother to send a picture of him wearing it.

Even for slow-knitter me, this was only a few hours work. Plus, of course, it's not supposed to be perfect -- Ma Cobb's wasn't, but Jayne loved it anyway. Fittingly, I knit most of it while watching the Firefly DVDs I got for Christmas by my brother. He also gave me the Serenity movie. Netflix will be happy, because it means they can stop sending them to me. (Actually, I'm pretty sure I've only gotten them twice from Netflix...)

I also attempted to buy more beads for Daedelus, with only partial success. The bead store where I bought the original beads a year and a half ago didn't have the exact beads, so the ones I bought were more white than translucent. I think they'll look fine. I'll show you a picutre once I've got a few rows with them.


Bezzie said...

Yes, I need to Netflix Firefly--one of those things I've always meant to do but never actually do!

Chris said...

Yay Firefly!!!

Amysatx said...

Cool hat! I do not know this Firefly of which you speak.

Anonymous said...

Amy! I'm horrified! You go to your Netflix account RIGHT NOW and request "Firefly". Once you've watched those, request "Serenity".

Thanks to my big sister, my new year's resolution is to keep my fingernails painted. Now that I have my fancy new knit-embellished rubber gloves, I'm well on my way.

This week: OPI Russian Navy. Painted on Sunday; no chips as of right now. WOW!