Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did I tell you I was going to Hawaii?

Yes, the Medical Library Association's annual conference is in Honolulu. We'll be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I leave Friday, before the crack of dawn. The meeting is over next Wednesday, and I'm staying a couple more days after that, just for fun.

I'm trying to finish up all those things that have to get done when I'm going to be gone from work for 7 days. Knitting is not one of those things. Also, I'm still working on the baby blanket, and although I'm definitely making progress, I'm so bored! And since I've told myself I can't work on anything else, I seem to be ignoring it. It's too big for travel knitting, so I'll be taking the Bougainvillea socks and the newly-cast-on Gale, which I think will be fairly repetitive -- good for working on while listening to presentations. And maybe Stonewall, too. (I'm definitely on an Anne Hanson kick right now! Too bad she didn't design that baby blanket!) Because, yes, even though it's Hawaii, there will still be meetings and such to attend, not to mention looooong plane rides on either end of the trip.

To tide you over until I have Hawaii pictures, here's my niece Sarah, celebrating her triumphant performance as an Oompa Loompa in her middle school production of Willy Wonka


and here's a froggy who was sitting in my front yard a couple days ago. He's camera-shy, though, and hid under this plant when I got my camera out.



Chris said...

Oh, have fun!

Hee hee - your niece's hair is great.

And I think that might actually by a toad, not a frog.

Steven said...

Enjoy the meeting -- and get lots of knitting done!

OMG -- the special word verification code that I need to type in to leave this comment is: intarshe

Some sort of sign?...

Amysatx said...

WOW!!! Have fun!!! Wonder if there will be any yarn shops?!

Linda the Sister said...

Sarah! So cute! No one has sent me pics, nor have they posted them on Facebook... *taps foot*